Member News  - March 3, 2017

Hello Chorus,


For this week, we will be starting at page 50 and see how far we get. We went past this point on Monday night but a little review never hurts. The real work then goes from 65 - 84.


Here's a couple of thoughts - I know that this piece is providing plenty of challenges like our other large-scaled works.


1) Don't let your inability to sing every note perfectly affect your ability to make it musical! The notes can be pretty challenging - that's why we rehearse - we still have a lot of time ahead of us and we are up to where we should be at this point.


2) Some of the notes are REEAAALLLY high! Yep...pick your spots - there will be times when you will just have to let a few of them sail by you!


3) Some of this goes REEAAALLY fast! have to learn it in small chunks - just like eating an elephant. The upside to this is that the pages go by really quickly and there isn't nearly as much to sing as you might think!


Please try to give time to practicing on your own. At the beginning of the semester I suggested that most of you would need to work on it by yourselves for about an hour each week. At this point I think that assessment is still pretty valid. Keep listening to a recording of it as well.


Last week was a very good session - thanks so much for your attention and your efforts.




 We need some Altos to sing Tenor for the Beethoven. Volunteers?


Paid ads in our printed programs are one of the ways we meet the extra expenses of our concerts (printing, venue rental, orchestra, etc).  Please think of someone you do business with that would like to appear in our program.  The forms are self-explanatory, but if you have questions you can email Irene at  The deadline for program ads for our Spring concerts is May 1.

FUNdraiser notes:
According to a reference book in the library,

these were the greatest hits of the 60's:

Hey Jude - Beatles

Theme from "Summer Place" - Percy Faith

Tossin' and Turnin' -  Bobby Lewis

I Want to Hold Your Hand - Beatles

I'm a Believer - Monkees

I Heard it Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye

Aquarius - Fifth Dimension

Are You Lonesome Tonight - Elvis

In the Year 2525 - Zager and Evans

It's Now or Never -  Elvis

I Can't Stop Loving You - Ray Charles

Love is Blue - Paul Mauriat

Big Girls don't Cry - 4 Seasons

Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

Sugar Shack - Jimmy Gilmer

Honey - B Goldsboro

To Sir with Love - Lulu

Cathy's Clown - Everly Bros

People Got to be Free - Rascals

Get Back - Beatles

Ballad of the Green Berets - Sgt. Barry Sadler

Sherry - 4 Seasons

Sugar Sugar - Archies

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay -  Otis Redding


Top Artists were: 



Brenda Lee

Ray Charles


Beach Boys

4 Seasons

James Brown

Connie Francis

Marvin Gaye

Bobbie Vinton

Chubby Checker


Brook Benton

Jackie Wilson

Rolling Stones

Roy Orbison


Dionne Warwick

Sam Cooke

Bobby Darin

Bobby Vee


Aretha Franklin


Ricky Nelson


Member News  - February 17, 2017

Hey Folks,

Just imagine all the practice that you can do with this next Monday off! Try to survive without me hollerin' at you...

For the next week, we will begin at Page 34 and see if we can work thru 84.

Here's what you need to think about...

1) Be musical - sing out - breathe! This is the most important thing.


2) Work on your rhythm. Much of the success with a large-scale piece like this is getting back in when you lose your place - plan for it.


3) Work on a few notes.


Have fun.




Member News  - February 10, 2017

Hey Folks,


Another good rehearsal on Monday - I am SO impressed with your attention to what we are doing and can tell that many of you are practicing. EVERYBODY PRACTICE PLEASE! 


We will begin to dissect the beginning up through page 35 - we are also going to try to do some sectionals upstairs, depending on the room situation.


Other thoughts -


     Always take a big breath

     Always look towards the end of a phrase

     Always sing out so the people around you can tune to you


Keep dry!




Member News  - January 31, 2017



Good job of hanging in there last night as we did some more serious sight-reading! Some of the music was a bit daunting but it's great to hear improvement happening from moment to moment at times. AND it's not specifically about the notes and rhythms. 


Sometimes it's really just a matter of making it more musical! That is our ultimate goal and our hard work in the mundane items on the page will make it easier to release the inner Bruce Springsteen... (Ronnie James Dio, Barbara Mandell?)


This next week we will finish going through the entire piece. For your personal practice this week - begin at 101 and look it through to the end. Your focus should be on just getting through it - developing a sense of the scale of the music and any overarching themes that you need to consider. We will then go back to the beginning and work through the Kyrie.


Don't forget to purchase a copy of this work by somebody, somewhere, sometime. Any version that you find will have a variety of interpretations but it will get you singing along!


Happy Practicing,



Member News  - January 26, 2017

Hey Everybody,


How nice it was to spend a Monday evening together again! I think that we could see that we have a lot of work cut out for us but they rewards are great at the end.


For your rehearsal time before Monday - begin at Page 50 and see if you can get 45 or 50 pages put together. The basic component at this time is for you to become relatively comfortable with the notes and rhythms. Don't forget to practice AS IF you know it! I'm referring to a basic full sound, clear diction (as you understand it at this point) as well as full breaths. Make a beautiful sound - even as you will be making some bad sounds as far as some of the notes go!


I think that I'm going to need 5-6 low altos to sing the tenor part a lot of the time. Let me know on Monday if that is something that you are willing to do. 


Happy practicing,


From the Director

Spring 2017

Welcome to Santa Rosa Symphonic Chorus Spring 2017!

It’s always a joy to me to be able make music with 60 or so of my closest friends—I hope those of you who are new to us will be able to thoroughly enjoy the fun as well!

I was so delighted with the Chorus the last semester. Our concert at Glaser was a real success and the Outreach Project the next day was exceptionally meaningful, to us as well as the residents. I think that this has helped to prepare us for the Beethoven Missa Solemnis which we will perform in May. The new challenge with this piece will to make music with a good-sized orchestra—Beethoven hired a lot of people! I am excited that we can share the stage with so many premier musicians from the area—this will be a very rewarding endeavor.


Ø  Please do not talk when I am speaking. I try to move the rehearsal quickly in order to facilitate an energetic time for learning. I do give you some breathing room in-between pieces—go for it!

Ø  No SSSHHHHHing of your classmates at any time.

Ø  Please do your best to be on time—WITH a pencil that you will plan to use!

Ø  Try to come with your voices warmed-up! We will do a bit of that or sight-singing or whatever. The goal, however, will one of instruction rather than loosening the voice.

Ø  All of us are responsible for building up our audiences, as well as our membership!

Ø  Artistic Goal #1 – always take a full, thorough breath.

Ø  Artistic Goal #2 – notes are simply a tool to make good music—they are not the total sum of the choral experience or existence!

Ø  Ultimate Goal – HAVE FUN!!!!


Please feel free to contact me for coaching or lessons at my house in Rincon Valley. It very well could make your choral experience more rewarding!


Robert Hazelrigg


From the Presidents

Dear Fellow Singers,

Welcome to the Santa Rosa Symphonic Chorus Spring 2017 Session! We are so fortunate to have you join us and our great music director Robert Hazelrigg in what is sure to be a wonderful spring season.

The chorus (SRSC) has been a presence in the community for over 80 years and is recognized for its vocal artistry and its exciting, diverse programming. Our repertoire ranges from the baroque period to the contemporary and includes large masterworks as well as individual pieces which, although smaller in scale, are no less memorable.

This season in May, we will be privileged to be performing Beethoven's great choral work "Missa Solemnis," with a complete orchestra accompanying us. We will also be hosting a choral festival in early April, as well as holding a fundraiser in the latter part of April (to help pay for the orchestra!). Get ready to have a fabulous time presenting all these offerings to our community!

Practice CDs will be made available to help us work on the music at home. It is important for each of us to practice on our own, so we may devote our Monday evening rehearsals to creating a most harmonious sound together.

Please look in your packet for schedule details of the concerts, as well as rehearsal dates, member responsibilities, and also information regarding concert "etiquette" during our performances. You will also receive a lanyard with your name on it—please be sure to wear it to every rehearsal, so we can get to know one another by name, as well as by face (and by voice)!

Also, please note that as our concert dates approach, we will each need to "pitch in" and help with a variety of tasks, including baking "goodies" for concession sales, riser set-up/take-down, selling ads for the concert programs, selling/taking tickets at the door, etc. There are many details involved with making each performance a great success, in addition to singing well together!

Andy Fleming and I are sharing the honor of being Co-Presidents of the SRSC Board and, along with the other Board members, we want to make sure that we represent your wishes and desires to keep this the premium large choral group in the Northern California area. If you have any questions or concerns, please bring them to our attention. There will be many opportunities to meet the Board members. We are here for you and look forward to making beautiful music together with you!


Jackie Senter and Andy Fleming, SRSC Board Co-Presidents


                        Chorus Members’ Responsibilities              

In an effort to consistently improve and increase our communication with the chorus and to continue the musical growth of the group, standards and responsibilities are always changing; the following expectations apply to ALL chorus members and should be reviewed each semester.

Registration—You MUST be officially registered for this class through Community Education. You may register online, by phone or in person. The Class ID for the spring semester is 6560.  Follow this link to register:

Buying your music—Each chorus member purchases his/her own music and practice CDs at the beginning of the semester from the music librarian. Payment is required upon receipt of your music, as it is your “textbook” for the semester. If you have not yet passed your audition, you may borrow music by exchanging your car keys for a set of borrowed music for the first evening. A limited number of scores are available to borrow, so please purchase your music as soon as possible.

Attendance—As a performing group that meets only once a week, we have a limited number of rehearsals. It is very important to attend all rehearsals BUT, if you should need to miss one (and PLEASE do stay home if you are ill), it is your responsibility to call, email, or in some fashion communicate with Celeste Gantz, your Chorus Liaison (see Board Members on Page 5 for phone and email) prior to that night’s rehearsal, as well as after the missed rehearsal in order to get any notes or schedule updates that were discussed while you were out. If you have three or more unexcused absences, you may not be allowed to perform at the concerts. PLEASE STAY AT HOME UNTIL YOU ARE NO LONGER CONTAGIOUS but do communicate with other section members for notes or other important information. If you fail to notify Celeste in advance of your absence, this will be considered an unexcused absence. If you are late to class or returning from a break: walk behind the chorus to get to your seat—not in front of (or behind) Bob!

RehearsalsBEGIN PROMPTLY AT 7:00. Please note that it may be necessary to hold sectionals or rehearsals on a legal (Monday) holiday, and that there will normally be at least one extra rehearsal in the week prior to the concert. Sectionals are usually held as needed during class; however, special sectionals may be scheduled prior to class. Please refer to the weekly newsletter for the sectionals schedule. Remember to bring (and use!) a pencil to every rehearsal!

Also, due to the close quarters and the sensitivity of some chorus members, DO NOT WEAR SCENTS OF ANY KIND (PERFUME, COLOGNE, AFTERSHAVE, HAIRSPRAY, LOTIONS, SOAPS, ETC.) TO REHEARSALS OR PERFORMANCES!

Newsletter/Email—By Friday of each week, a Santa Rosa Symphonic Chorus newsletter will be emailed to all members who have provided us with their email address. The purpose of the newsletter is to eliminate announcements during rehearsal as much as possible and keep all singers in touch with our rehearsal schedule. This newsletter may also include notes from the director regarding specific rehearsal points. If you do not have email, or if you have not provided us with your email address, it is your responsibility to contact someone in your section to get any information included in the weekly newsletter. It will also be posted on our website (

Sitting/Standing—We need to rehearse as we sing in concert. Early in the semester, Bob and/or the section leaders will place each section for a balanced sound. It is important that you sit in your assigned seat once the section has been placed so that you become familiar with the voices around you and the section’s balance is consistent. This placement may change as the semester progresses; please be patient with this process and understand that any changes are made to promote the best possible sound from the group as a whole.


Learning your music—As a member of the Santa Rosa Symphonic Chorus, you are responsible for spending time outside of class adequate for you to learn your music. Monday night rehearsal time needs to be spent concentrating on the blending, color and finer points of the music we are performing for the semester. If you need extra help, please see your section leader or work with others in your section to arrange extra sectionals. It is reasonable for the director to expect some pieces, or portions of pieces, to be memorized by concert date or sooner. This greatly improves our unity and the quality of our communication with the audience. Also, in addition to the music for a current semester, music for concerts to be held early in the next semester may also need to be worked on in the current semester, making it even more crucial that time outside class is spent learning your music thoroughly.

Concert Etiquette—We strive for professionalism, vocally and in stage presence. Stage presence is comprised of: (a) dress, (b) entering and exiting, and (c) stage propriety. The following items are particularly important:

Folders: Each member must have his/her music in a BLACK folder. The folder must hold the music securely and completely cover the edges so that no white pages can be seen by the audience.

Talking: There should be NO TALKING from the time we line up to take the stage until after we have exited the stage. (You should be smiling, however!)

Fainting: If someone feels faint, they should sit down quietly. People around them should keep facing forward, unless it seems to be a medical emergency. Try to attract as little attention as possible.

Concert Attire:




Black and Red Concert Dress*

BLACK Tuxedo (preferred—see order form),

BLACK Suit or Jacket/Blazer and Slacks are OK.

Official White Dress Shirt (see Louisa for orders)

BLACK—socks, shoes (not shiny), bow tie and belt (not shiny/no large belt buckles)

BLACK Hosiery—Opaque (tights/knee-hi’s OK)

BLACK shoes (not shiny)

No large, dangling or sparkling earrings

*skirt should be hemmed to 1” above the floor while wearing concert shoes.




It is imperative that chorus members sell tickets to each concert series. It is important that the ticket process be completed prior to the concert weekend. As such, each chorus member is responsible for turning in his/her ticket money and/or unsold tickets to the ticket chairperson by NO LATER THAN THE LAST MONDAY REHEARSAL PRIOR TO THE CONCERT WEEKEND. If you do not return your money/unsold tickets in time, you will be billed—we cannot sell your tickets if you still have them.

Concert Setup/Administration: Prior to each concert series, you will be asked to sign up to help out with various concert activities including, but not limited to: concert staging set up (risers, stands and chairs for instrumentalists etc.), concert concessions (bake cookies, volunteer someone to help sell refreshments etc.), or volunteer someone to help with tickets and/or ushering. We’ll remind you as the concert dates approach so that you can ask family and friends if they’d be willing to help.

The Santa Rosa Symphonic Chorus is a Non-Profit Organization: Tax ID# 68-0308269.

We derive our budget from ticket sales, donations (corporate and private), and various fundraising activities. If you know of any corporate or private entities that may be interested in becoming a sponsor, please speak to a board member, or encourage them to send a donation to: SRSC, PO Box 5052, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-5052.


Check Newsletter for Call Times!


Note: Additional sectionals may be called, if needed, outside of class time (on Monday holidays, for example)


Chorus “retreat” (No joke!!!)


12th Annual Choral Festival; Santa Rosa Bible Church; 7:00pm


FUNdraiser; Church of the Roses; 1-6pm


Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis; Glaser Center; 7:30pm


Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis; Glaser Center; 3:00pm


SRSC Board of Directors






Artistic Director

Bob Hazelrigg

539-0635 (h)


Jackie Senter

528-0592 (h)

Andy Fleming

527-7743 (h)

888-5625 (c)

Vice President

Paul Troppy

544-6108 (h)
217-1658 (c)

Recording Secretary

Wendy Gross

332-1215 (c)


Laura Wilson

838-2729 (h)

Messiah & Graphics Coordinator

Irene Sohm

537-0253 (h)

Music Librarian

Mardi Hollowell

565-4251 (w)
228-8634 (c)

Concert Attire

Louisa Leavitt

525-8215 (h)


Vrenae Sutphin

523-0484 (h)

Publicity& Webmaster

Lisa Musella

818-731-5430 (h)

Ticket Coordinators

Janet Harris

546-3998 (h)
578-6202 (c)

Jackie Senter

528-0592 (h)

Stage Manager

Paul Troppy

544-6108 (h)
217-1658 (c)

Volunteer Coordinators

Nancy Fleming

527-7743 (h)

Julie Junkermann

843-3976 (h)
714-394-1456 (c)

Miranda Rhys-Jones

510-447-9527 (h)

Member Liaison

Celeste Gantz

829-3763 (h)
292-4224 (c)

Past President

Irene Sohm

537-0253 (h)